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What vaccinations are required?
For dogs, Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella. For cats, Rabies and FVRCP. We recommend having all vaccinations completed at least 2 weeks prior to your check-in date. In other words, Please do not get your pet vaccinated the day before your check-in date.
Do you have breed restrictions?
We do not accept outwardly aggressive dogs. There are some breeds that we do not accept such as Cane Corso or similar. We reserve the right to refuse any breed based on behavior/demeanor.
Do you care for diabetic pets?
Sorry, we are not able to accept diabetic pets. We recommend contacting your veterinarian for diabetic care.
When can I drop off and pick up my pet?
You are welcome to drop off and pick up anytime during our hours of operation. Monday - Friday: 8-10am or 4-6pm Saturday: 9am-12pm Sunday: 4-6:30pm We are closed for drop off and pick up on all major holidays
Does someone live on property?
Yes, the owners live right on the property. Also, the two managers at the Kennel both live only 1 mile away.
Can I come and tour?
Absolutely! You are welcome to stop in for a tour anytime during office hours. Monday - Friday: 8-10am or 4-6pm Saturday: 9am-12pm Sunday: 4-6:30pm
What is provided during my pet’s stay?
We provide everything your pet needs for a comfortable stay. We offer bowls, Kuranda beds, fleece blankets and high quality grain free food at no additional charge.
What do I need to bring?
You’re welcome to bring items from home that will make your pet feel more at home. Typically, clients pack along their own food, treats, bedding and a few toys or a bone. We do ask you to use common sense with the amount of belongings you pack for your pet’s stay. Usually, one blanket is sufficient, not four 🙂
Can you administer medication?
Yes, we can administer most medication without any issue or additional cost. Most common medications we see and administer are Rimadyl, Apoquel, Thyroxine, Benadryl, Phenobarbitol, Prednisone, Antibiotics, Fluoxetine and Tramadol. This is not a comprehensive list, but gives you an idea of what is commonly administered on a daily basis at The Kennel.


What is the size of the area where my dogs stay?
All dogs stay in our indoor/outdoor accommodations. The inside area is 5’x5′ and the outside patio area is 5’x8′.
How many potty breaks are there in a typical day?
It all depends on the weather. When it is nice outside, we like to leave the doggy doors open which lead out into the outside run. This gives your dog the freedom to go in and out all day long. However, when it is too cold, hot or rainy, we have 4-5 set let out periods throughout the day for potty breaks.
What will is cost to board my pet?
Our nightly rate varies throughout the year and the best way to check the cost of a reservation would be to click through a reservation online. You can enter dates, rooms and add-on services to see what the cost will be.
Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?
We do not mix dogs of different families together. So, if you choose Exercise Package, this is individual time that includes only your dog(s). We want to ensure your pet’s safety while in our care, and one way to do this is to not toss a bunch of dogs together in the same yard. Don’t worry, your dog will still get plenty of stimulation by seeing other dogs during their visit.
Can my dogs stay together in the same run?
It just depends on your combination of dogs. Most of the time, yes, your dogs can share the same run. Typically, 2 large, 3 medium or up to 4 small dogs can share one run. There are obviously other factors that play into it and we can give our professional opinion for your specific situation and combination of pets.
Are the kennels heated and air conditioned?
Of course! All kennels are heated and air conditioned and kept nice and comfortable even on the hottest and coldest days of the year!

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